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CSDT IT Solution Patna is a leading Web Designing Training Center or Institute in Patna, Bihar, India. CSDT provides Web/Website Designing training, Industrial Training courses/tutorial/Institute in JAVASCRIPT/JQUERY Training. CSDT is the best Web/Website Designing Training Center/Tutorial/Institute/Company in Patna, Bihar, India.

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JavaScript Training By CSDT IT Solution

A perfect solution for your JavaScript Training in Patna is at CSDT IT Solution. By providing Best Training for JavaScript in Patna with live examples we are professional web designers and developers having more than 10+ years of industry experience in hands. It will be a great opportunity for all to learn the Monopoly Technology of Client Side Scripting Language with expert guidance.

JavaScript is the one and only client side scripting language available for web designer and developers and we included the language to give the perfect combination of server side and client side for all the students. For server side language we are covering PHP.

JavaScript Training in Patna provided by CSDT IT Solution for the past 7+ years and fully practical oriented syllabus. JavaScript is not Java. Most of the people still get confused between these two languages. Both Java and Java Script are different languages. Java is fully programming language but JavaScript is a complete Scripting language.

JavaScript Training Syllabus in Patna

Always stick with the latest technologies is the main advantage of studying in CSDT It Solution. JavaScript is the latest standard which all the companies are expecting more resources. Its a future technology of web design and JavaScript usage nowadays are increasing very fast. Our students are always steady and deliver perfect solutions for any type of problems in static designs. We assure that.

JavaScript Training Syllabus


• What is JavaScript?
• What is AJAX?

Developer Essentials

• The development workflow
• Selecting the right tools for the job
• Just enough HTML and CSS
• Understanding objects
• Understanding variables
• Making comparisons
• Understanding events

Starting to Code

• Writing your first script
• Internal vs. external scripts
• Using comments in scripts
• Using the no-script tag in HTML

Interacting with Users

• Creating alert dialog
• Understanding conditional statements
• Getting confirmations from users
• Creating prompts for users
• Understanding functions
• Making links smarter
• Using switch/case statements
• Handling errors

JavaScript Language Essentials

• Getting started
• Creating loops
• Passing values to functions
• Detecting objects
• Reading arrays
• Returning values from functions
• Writing arrays
• Building do and while loops
• Re-using functions

Creating Rollovers and More

• Creating a basic image rollover
• How to write a better rollover
• Creating a three-state rollover
• Making rollovers accessible and 508 compliant
• Making disjointed rollovers
• Creating slideshows
• Displaying random images

Building Smarter Forms

• Getting started
• Creating jump menus
• Creating dynamic menus
• Requiring fields
• Cross-checking fields
• Displaying more informative errors
• Verifying radio button selections
• Setting one field with another field
• Verifying email addresses

Handling Events

• Responding to window events
• Responding to mouse movements
• Responding to mouse clicks
• Responding to onBlur form events
• Responding to onFocus form events
• Responding to keyboard events

Working with Cookies

• Demystifying cookies
• Writing a cookie
• Reading a cookie
• Displaying a cookie
• Counting with cookies
• Deleting cookies
• Handling multiple cookies
• Cookies in action

The DOM, Nodes, and Objects

• Understanding the DOM
• Adding nodes to the DOM
• Deleting nodes from the DOM
• Deleting specific nodes
• Inserting nodes into the DOM
• Replacing nodes in the DOM

Working with Dates and Times

• Displaying dates
• Displaying times
• Creating a countdown

Real World Applications of JavaScript

• Creating sliding menus
• Creating pop-up menus
• Creating slideshows with captions
• Creating a stylesheet switcher