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CSDT IT Solution is a leading Computer Programming Training Institute in Patna. CSDT provides best Python programming class in Patna, CSDT Python Computer Programming training in Patna is fully based on corporate/IT industry for job purpose. CSDT is one of the best programming institute in Patna. CSDT IT Solution provides live project training on Python Programming for BCA, MCA, B.Tech, M.Tech and other course's students.

Python institute in patna

Python Training Institute

CSDT is the best providers of Python programming Training institute and company in Patna with excellent placements. Our Python Training program is very much mixed with both practical and interview point of questions. By giving the perfect Python programming Training in Patna we differ very much from others.

Core Python Syllabus

Introduction of Python:- History of python programming, Features, Working with Python, Software Installation, Basic Syntax, Variable and Data Types, Operator

Conditional Statements:- If Statement, If- else Statement, Nested if-else Satatement

Looping Statements:- For Statement, While Statement, Nesting loop Statement

Control Statements:- Break, Continue, Pass

String Manipulation:- Accessing Strings, Basic Operations, String slices, Function and Methods

Lists:-List Introduction, Accessing list, Operations, Working with lists, Function and Methods

Tuple:- Introduction, Accessing tuples, Operations, Working, Functions and Methods

Dictionaries:- Introduction, Accessing values in dictionaries, Working with dictionaries, Properties, Functions

Functions:- Defining a function, Calling a function, Types of functions, Function Arguments, Anonymous functions, Global and local variables

Modules:- Importing module, Math module,Random module, Packages, Composition

Input-Output:- Printing on screen, Reading data from keyboard, Opening and closing file, Reading and writing files, Functions

Exception Handling:- Exception, Exception Handling, Except clause, Try ? finally clause, User Defined Exceptions

OOPs concept:- Class and object, Attributes, Inheritance, Overloading, Overriding, Data hiding

Regular expressions:- Match function , Search function , Matching VS Searching , Modifiers, Patterns

Database:- Introduction, Connections, Executing queries , Transactions, Handling error

GUI Programming:- Introduction, Tkinter programming, Tkinter widgets

One Live Project