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Winter Training Institute Patna

Winter Training Institute in Patna

CSDT Winter Training Program provides you with a program rich in content, detailed in nature to fulfill even the most aspiring minds. Winter training program provides great opportunity for engineering students to utilize their winter vacation in a right way. You can develop hands-on learning experience by building several projects as part of these programs.

Winter Training Institute in Patna

The Winter training programs are designed to give you a very good practical learning experience and develop skills that will be very useful for your career. We offer 4 or 6 Weeks Winter Industrial Training to students from several domains like CS or IT, BCA, MCA and Electronics and Communication to name a few.

Such programs are usually of 4 or 6 weeks where our experienced trainers impart practical knowledge, share their industry experience, and prepare the young candidates to face the challenges of industry and assimilate in the corporate environment. With every changing technologies & methodologies, the competition today is much greater than ever before.

The industrial scenario needs constant technical enhancements to cater to the rapid demands. If you are an engineering student or pursuing graduate / post-graduate level IT degree then you may have already heard the term "Winter Training".

Winter Holiday is a good time to catch up with what you always wanted to learn but couldn't…. due to packed semester schedule.

Winter Training Program 2019 Course Details Click Here For Winter Training Registration
S.No. Course Name Duration Fee
1. Core Java 65 Hrs Rs 4500/-
2. Core Java + Oracle(SQL) + Live Project 90 Hrs Rs 5500/-
3. Web Designing(HTML5,CSS3,JavaScript,jQuery) 60 Hrs Rs 4500/-
4. PHP/MySQL + Live Project 90 Hrs Rs 6500/-
5. Advance Java(JSP) + Live Project 90 Hrs Rs 6500/-
6. C#.NET+SQL Server 2008(SQL) + Live Project 90 Hrs Rs 6500/-
7. ASP.NET+SQL Server 2008 + Live Project 90 Hrs Rs 6500/-
8. Android App + Live Project 60 Hrs Rs 6500/-
9. JAVA + Android App + Live Project 120 Hrs Rs 10,500/-
10. Digital Marketing + Live Project 60 Hrs Rs 7,500/-
11. Graphics Designing 60 Hrs Rs 8,500/-
12. Software Testing(Manual)+ Live Project 60 Hrs Rs 6,500/-
13. Software Testing(Automation)+ Live Project 90 Hrs Rs 12,500/-
14. Ethical Hacking 90 Hrs Rs 8,500/-
15. Hardware Networking + Live Project 60 Hrs Rs 7,500/-
16. C With DATA Structure 90 Hrs Rs 6,500/-
17. C++ 60 Hrs Rs 4000/-
18. Oracle(SQL + PLSQL) 90 Hrs Rs 8,500/-
19. Embedded System And Robotics 90 Hrs Rs 12,500/-
20. VLSI 90 Hrs Rs 10,500/-
21. C Programming 50 Hrs Rs 3000/-