Asp.Net Build for Windows

Asp.Net Core Build for Windows, Mac and Linux

Asp.Net has a Good Performance

ASP.Net core has higher performances than ASP.Net 4x.

It runs on .Net Framework or commonly called as full .Net Framework

It runs on .Net Core and Full .Net Framework.

Asp.Net Supports WebForm, Asp.Net MVC and Asp.Net WebAPI.

Asp.Net Core does not support WebForm. It supports MVC, Web API and Asp.Net Web pages originally added in .Net Core 2.0.

Asp.Net used the only IIS with dependant on System.web.dll.

Asp.Net Core has not dependant System.web.dll and so the IIS.

Support C#, VB and many other languages and also support WCF, WPF and WF

Support only C#, F# language. VB support to added a short time and no support WCF, WPF and WF but support for WCF client libraries are available.

Asp.Net MVC application added Web.config, Global.asax, Application Start.

Core did not support Web.config and Global.asax files. It is supporting appsettings.json.

Container support not more than better as the ASP.Net Core application.

Container support best suited for deployments like Docker.

All major versions supported

Support Core from Visual Studio 2015 update 3 and current version VS 2017.

We Need to re-compile after the code change.

Core Browser refresh will compile and executed the code no need for re-compile.