Codes For Kids classes

CSDT Centre is one of the best coding classes provider for kids at age 8 years to 16 years in Patna, Bihar, India. Our coding classes for kids specially designed for kids, who want to learn code at early age. Learn code or programming language at early age is best idea for developing our childs thinking power and also for learn new learning idea like as one question can be multiple answers.

If we want to set our children or kids up for academic success, every child should learn to code. Coding for kids not only helps improve their mathematics and writing skills but also gives them valuable skills in life and eventually in the workforce.

👉There are various reasons why coding or computer language is important to learn for our kids or child at early age. In early age children will start to learning code or coding , then better their chance to success.

What is code for kids? what age is appropriate to learn to coding?

👉 Code or Coding or computer languag or programming language, is a creative process programmers perform to tell a computer how to perform a task.

👉Computer language is a set of instructions which is given by the computer for perform some specific task. In other words, Programming Language is the process by which one designs and builds an executable computer program for completing a particular computing task.

👉So coding is what makes it possible for us to make computer software, Computer Game, Mobile apps and websites. Our internet browser, the OS of our computers/ laptops/ Mobile phones, the apps on our mobile phones, Facebook, whatsup, instagram, google search engine, gmail, youtube and this website – like all the others - they’re all created with code.

👉A coding language then is a vocabulary and set of grammatical rules for instructing a computing device to carry out some specific tasks.

8 Reasons Why Every Child Should learn Coding?

👉 Computer science builds skills in a number of corollary areas including math, science, problem-solving, teamwork, project-based learning, creative arts, and more. As Steve Jobs famously stated, “Coding teaches you how to think.”

👉Learning to computer program is just like learning a foreign or regional language. The earlier you start, the easier it is.

👉 In 2021, there will be nearly 10+ million unfilled IT jobs in the World due to a shortage of qualified engineers.

👉 Computer-related occupations make up over 60% of projected new job positions in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math).

👉 21st Century Skills: Coding imparts logical and analytical thinking along with creativity and problem-solving skills.

👉Today, technology is the first step to innovation. Why not give this power to a child and see the magic unfold?

👉 Research has shown a positive correlation between coding and academic performance.

👉Computer engineering jobs rank among the highest-paying for new graduates.

Three Important Tips to Follow Before You Get Your Kid Start to learn Coding!

🔹Not all computer science educators share this point of view. Many still use the “Hello World programming” method in which students learn to print the words “Hello World programming” on a screen.

🔹 In our experience, younger kids find this method tedious, and it can dissuade them from learning how to code. We’ve found that it is actually quite easy to get kids to try programming, but actually challenging to keep them engaged.

🔹 Tip #2: Find Local or Online Class :-While one-on-one tutoring with a quality computer science tutor is an excellent way to learn, it can be very expensive and is not affordable for many families. To combat this, you may also consider searching out group classes as well as online courses that provide live support with real engineers. Recently, CSDT Centre launched affordable private online coding classes for students who need individualised attentio

🔹Tip #3: Find a mentor :- Many developers enjoy volunteering and you might be surprised at how many might be willing to mentor your son or daughter either online or in-person. Whether this is a friend, colleague, teacher, or professional tutor, it can really make the difference.

🔹 Interaction with an experienced developer can be invaluable and many times can be performed over Skype, anydesk , TeamViewer or other free video conferencing/screen share solutions. There are a number of companies that specifically offer this service as well, so if you don’t have anyone in your personal circle that comes to mind, research some additional option