Android App Development Training

We are leading Android App Development Training institute in Patna, Bihar, India.We are leading Android App Development Training institute in Patna, Bihar, India. Our aims to teach beginners and employees both. Android App Development is the fastest growing smart phone OS in the world today. Currently, Android has a market share of 57% in the worldwide smart phone market. Android programming language is backed and developed by Google and Open Handset Alliance (a consortium of 84 firms).

The number of handsets running on Android increases by 21000 fresh and new installs per day and that is good enough reason for one to start developing applications and games for that market / audience. By learning the trending technology like Android anyone can get job in IT easily. We are the Best Android App Development Training Institute.

Android’s Store (Google Play) over took Apple’s App Store in the total number of available applications few months back and is still leading from the front in terms of number of new applications published per month. Even though Samsung has developed an OS (Bada) on its own, it started using Android in its handsets due to its compliance to Open Mobile Standards and Specifications.

Android Training at CSDT Centre provided by some of the IT industries top experts. Learning a programming language which is sure to dominate the smart phone market in the coming years is like earning gold and storing it for future use. Anyone getting trained in Android will now have the advantage and many corporate giants are yet to enter the App market as a mainstream business. Once the corporate heavy weights start to flex their muscles against each other in mobile phone market, anyone trained in Android / iOS will be in very high demand in the mobile app development industry.

Android Training Syllabus:-

Android Fundamentals

History of Android

Introduction to Android OS

What is Android?

Android Versioning

Android Development Tools

Android Architecture

Practical Installation of Android SDK, Eclipse and ADT Plug-in

Structure of a Android Project

OOPS Concepts – Inheritance, Polymorphism

OOPS Concepts – Interfaces, Abstract class

OOPS Concepts – Threads, Java Swings, Layout Managers

OOPS Concepts – Overloading and Overriding

Android Concepts (Advanced)

Activity – Activity Life cycle (Callback Methods)

Activity – Fragments & Fragment Life cycle

Intent and Intent Filters


Content Providers

Broadcast Receivers

Introduction to Layouts and Design

Layout Manager and different Layouts

SQLite – Database Usage

Application Design Guidelines

Android Best Practices (Coding)