SQL Database server IT Training

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🔹 CSDT Centre offers the best SQL Server DBA Training with the IT industry top working professionals. We are completely filled with the real-time working people and we are focusing on hands-on training for the students who are willing to learn the technology.

Who is a DBA?

🔹A database administrator (short form DBA) is a person responsible for the installation, configuration, up-gradation, administration, monitoring and maintenance of database in an organization. The role includes the development and design of database strategies, system monitoring and improving database performance and capacity, and planning for future expansion requirements. They may also plan, co-ordinate and implement security measures to safeguard the database.

Which RDBMS We Teach You?

🔹This course teaches the DBA (Database Administrator) profession based on Microsoft SQL Server. It covers all the aspects of the DBA work and all the components and features in SQL Server. The course begins with relational database basics, and goes through all the development as well as administration aspects of SQL Server. It also provides an introduction to the world of business intelligence (BI). The course is based on SQL Server 2012, but it is relevant also for SQL Server 2005/2008/R2.

Who Can Attend ?

🔹The course is intended for anyone who is willing to become a SQL Server DBA and start a new career in this field. No background is required to enter the course, although some technical orientation can be an advantage.

What we do for aspiring people to become an SQL DBA?

  • ✔️The importance of Laying a Strong Foundation
  • ✔️Why Gaining Experience is the Key to getting started
  • ✔️Books for the Aspiring DBA
  • ✔️Writing a Winning CV
  • ✔️How to Get Organised to Get Ahead

    SQL Server DBA Training Syllabus

  • ✔️Blocking and Deadlock
  • ✔️Partitioning Techniques
  • ✔️DB Snapshots and usage
  • ✔️Backup Strategies
  • ✔️Restore Techniques
  • ✔️Replication Techniques including RMO
  • ✔️Securing Replication
  • ✔️Log Shipping with Security
  • ✔️DB Mirroring and Troubleshooting
  • ✔️Security Enforcement Performance Tuning
  • ✔️Import and Export using SSIS
  • ✔️Cloning Databases and Objects

At the end of the course ?

  • ✔️Become a professional SQL Server DBA
  • ✔️Be familiar with SQL Server architecture
  • ✔️Learn how to efficiently administer and maintain SQL Server instances
  • ✔️Learn how to efficiently implement and develop SQL Server databases
  • ✔️Understand the role of business intelligence
  • ✔️Acquire the knowledge required to pass the Microsoft certification exams
  • ✔️Find a job as a SQL Server DBA

Advanced Administration

  • ✔️Certificates and Signatures
  • ✔️Query Troubleshooting
  • ✔️SQL Server Profiler
  • ✔️DB Engine Tuning Advisor
  • ✔️Data Movement Procedures
  • ✔️SMO and BCP
  • ✔️Maintenance Plans
  • ✔️Database Mail
  • ✔️Clustering Configuration and Procedures