LINQ training providing institute

CSDT centre Patna is leading LINQ Training Center or Institute in Patna,bihar india. The full form of LINQ is Language Integrated Query. It supports data retrieval from different data sources like XML document, databases and collections.BigData make realizable with the help of LINQ.Using this we write queries on various data sources like sql Databases, Collection of Objects, XML.LINQ Queries Syntax are very similar to SQL Queries it has same features like Grouping,sorting,filtering, joining and calculating. Which is an Integrated part of the C#.NET CSDT IT Solution is the best LINQ training providing institute in Patna, Bihar.

Who have knowledge on C#, Oops Concepts, SQL Server Tables and storage procedures.


(Introduction of LINQ, Understanding Automatic Properties, Understanding Initializers, Understanding Type Inference, Understanding Anonymous Types, Understanding Generics, Understanding Lambda Expressions, Understanding Extension Methods)


(Performing standard Database Commands with LINQ to SQL, LINQ to Objects Versus LINQ to SQL, Selecting with LINQ to SQL, Inserting with LINQ to SQL, Updating with LINQ to SQL, Deleting with LINQ to SQL, Dynamic Queries, Debugging LINQ to SQL)

Objectives of the Course:-

  • →Understand the fundamentals of LINQ
  • →Understand the Architecture of LINQ
  • →Understand the usage of LINQ to sort,group,calculate and filter.
  • →Usage LINQ to XML to manage XML Documents.
  • →Understand the creation of LINQ to SQL queries.
  • →Management of Datasets using LINQ