AutoCAD Training Institute

CSDT Centre Patna is a leading autoCAD Institute in Patna. AutoCAD training is fully based on industry for job purpose. AutoCAD allows the designer to use and manage it on multiple machines using network licensing. Being an easily available program, AutoCAD is used globally by students, teachers, architects, freelancers, engineers, fashion designers. Like other CAD programs, AutoCAD also works on a database of geometric systems, including points, lines, arcs, etc. The user works on the application through the commands; editing or drawing is done from the inbuilt command line. AutoCAD is issued free of cost to students, educators, and institutions.

AutoCAD is globally used by surveyors, designers, engineers, drafters. Globally, AutoCAD has proven as an efficient and user-friendly program. Commercial drafting and computer-aided design(CAD) software applications are AutoCAD. AutoCAD software is recognized internationally for its remarkable editing capabilities, which make it likely to digitally draw building plans or recreate 3D images. This software was developed in the year 1982 by Autodesk

Highlights of AutoCAD

Before the invention of AutoCAD, all designing and modeling were done manually. This was a time-consuming task and resulted in a lot of costly errors. But, with the invention of AutoCAD, the process of modeling and designing got digitalized and simplified. A technology that has emerged as a solution to most of the designers, engineers, and architect

Some of the most powerful components of AutoCAD are-

  • 💠The designers and architects can create accurate models, sketches, and drawings with AutoCAD. This is next to impossible when done manually.

  • 💠With the introduction to AutoCAD, the user can even model 3D objects with colors & materials that can be applied to various surfaces, making it simpler for the user to anticipate the outcome, which cannot be fulfilled in manual 3D sketches.

  • 💠Creating drawings manually is a time-consuming task. When designers create drawings on a digital platform with computer software, they get the benefit of the application interface. Editing is also easy with AutoCAD as it has many editing commands.

  • 💠AutoCAD is an advanced program that has default commands incorporated in the application. With these commands, the users can edit and change their files without any limitations.

Characteristics of AutoCAD

  • 💠AutoCAD is a global application. It is being used globally by product development teams, manufacturing facilities, medical professionals, in educational institutions, by professionals and engineers.

  • 💠3D modeling and visualization are two main important features of the program. AutoCAD allows the modelers to create powerful 3d models, wireframes, meshes & surfaces by using various 3D tools & commands.

  • 💠AutoCAD is a professional application that has flexibility in design changes and has an auto-specification check feature. The mistakes in the designs or the product can be avoided and can be re-edit as and when required.

  • 💠AutoCAD has the capability to create section planes. These section planes help in achieving cross-sectional views of 3D objects. The users can change, select, or move the section planes to inspect the inner details of 3D objects.

  • 💠AutoCAD helps the user to develop, modify, and design better infrastructure, deliver scalable and feasible building assignments, supervise production finances, and foresee project results.

  • 💠Recreating and editing 2D images with their text properties can also be achieved with AutoCAD.

  • 💠AutoCAD drawings can also be linked directly to Microsoft Excel Spreadsheets. With this technique, formulas and data from Excel can be imported directly to AutoCAD. This feature is an Auto-Update command.

  • 💠AutoCAD also comes with an SHF text recognition tool that helps users convert text with SHF fonts into the text object.

  • 💠With AutoCAD, the students can even import PDF files for any project reference.

Applications of AutoCAD

  • 💠AutoCAD is compatible with other applications like 3D Max. The designers can even import or export DWG & DXG Files to the application. Also, these files can even be exported from AutoCAD to other applications for creating more improved projects & presentations.

  • 💠3D printers use various file formats that are not supported by all the CAD software. On the other hand, AutoCAD supports these file formats that are preferred by most of the 3D printers.

  • 💠AutoCAD is adaptive to the CAD interface and its usage. AutoCAD allows the professionals to check the workings of the framework within the stage of designing itself. Designers can use this framework for projects & presentations.

  • 💠AutoCAD comprises integrated design layouts of various templates specially designed for architectural planning and infrastructure constructions; the users can work on plans that include creating architectural arrangements for construction purposes without having to master the software

  • 💠AutoCAD is not only a powerful application but also has a simpler user interface. It comes with a lot of functions and commands that are to the point and without any confusion. AutoCAD is also used in the fashion industry by designers as they can design difficult shapes and designs without any problems.

Advantages and Disadvantages of AutoCAD

  • 💠With AutoCAD, the users get to link their files to multiple platforms; they have the benefit of importing and exporting all kinds of files.

  • 💠The users can even expand the base program through programming; thus, AutoCAD is a versatile application that has standardized in computer designs.

  • 💠AutoCAD also has project managing tools that allow users to share information simultaneously & effectively.

  • 💠The cost of the program is quite high due to its license.

  • 💠The software is a time-consuming application. It has many functions and features which specific and to the point.

  • 💠A powerful computer with good RAM and Hard disk is required for the application to work with processing speed.