Kotlin Training institute

CSDT Centre Patna is a leading kotlin Training Institute in Patna. kotlin Training is fully based on IT industry for job purpose. Kotlin is expressive, concise, and powerful official language on Android. It can interoperate with our existing Android languages and run-time. It is an open source project under Apache 2.0 and adopted by the largest global companies Google. It has safety features for nullability and immutability which make Android apps healthy and performant by default.

Kotlin Training is designed to level-up your skills as a certified Kotlin developer by mastering all the key concepts of Kotlin with real-time examples. The course will walk you through the essential features of Kotlin and then progress towards working with variables, creating classes, functions, OOPs concepts, collections, etc.to build Android applications using Kotlin. Upon completion, you’ll become an expert in developing applications using Kotlin by working on hands-on projects.

In this course, you will learn to programme in Kotlin. The course will start with the fundamentals of Kotlin that is completely suitable for beginners. You will put what you learn into practice in various coding challenges so that after completion of this course you could make your own mobile application in Kotlin.

Key Learnings :

  • Introduction to Kotlin
  • ✔️ Control Flow Statements
  • ✔️Function & Object Oriented Programming (OOP)
  • ✔️Android Framework and Android studio
  • ✔️Creating user interface UI
  • ✔️Android Layouts, Styles, Themes and Menus
  • ✔️Toasts, Activities, Navigation and Views
  • ✔️Android Dialogs, Snack Bar, Menus, Web View and notification
  • ✔️Android Storage, SQLite and Content Providers
  • ✔️Location –Aware Apps: Using GPS and Google Map