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How to write code for connecting java with java db?


How to write code for connecting java with java db?

You know, Apache Derby is a lightweight, portable database engine written purely in Java. Java DB is a just an Oracle’s distribution of Derby in their JDK. However, since Java 9, JavaDB is removed from JDK installation.

Following steps are helpful for quickly get started with Derby, from downloading its JDBC driver to write code for making connections.

1. Downloading Derby JDBC driver library
Download the latest version of Derby here (as of this writing, the latest release is 

If you are using JDK 1.7, then Derby is already included in JDK installation under the name Java DB folder(java db folder exist in jdk folder and jdk folder exist in java folder and java folder exist in PROGRAM FILE and PROGRAM FILE folder exist in C: Drive)

If you are using JDK 9 or newer, you need to download Apache Derby JAR files.

you have to place appropriate jar file to the classpath:
derby.jar: for embedded driver.
derbyclient.jar: for network client driver.

This is the code for connecting java to JAVA DB database through JDBC.

import java.sql.Connection;
import java.sql.DriverManager;
import java.sql.SQLException;
import java.util.Properties;

public class JavaDbConnection {
    public static void main(String[] args) {
        try {
String host = "jdbc:derby://localhost/csdt;";
            String user = "csdt";
            String password = "csdt";
            Connection con = DriverManager.getConnection(host, user, password);
            if (con != null) {
                System.out.println("Successful Connected with database.");
catch (SQLException ex) {

Unleashing the Power of AI: Machine Learning Course at CSDT Centre Patna


Unleashing the Power of AI: Machine Learning Course at CSDT Centre Patna

Machine Learning Course

Unleashing the Power of AI: Machine Learning Course at CSDT Centre Patna


In the era of artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning stands out as a transformative force. CSDT Centre Patna recognizes the significance of machine learning and offers an in-depth course to empower individuals with the skills needed to navigate the AI landscape. This article is your guide to exploring the opportunities, curriculum, and advantages of enrolling in the machine learning course at CSDT Centre Patna.

The Role of Machine Learning in the AI Revolution

Machine learning, a subset of AI, has become a driving force behind technological advancements. From predictive analytics to image recognition, machine learning algorithms power applications that impact various industries. CSDT Centre Patna's machine learning course aims to demystify this complex field and equip learners with practical skills.

Advantages of Learning Machine Learning at CSDT Centre Patna

CSDT Centre Patna's machine learning course offers more than theoretical knowledge; it provides a hands-on, practical approach to learning. Whether you are a novice curious about the world of AI or an experienced professional seeking to enhance your machine learning skills, this course caters to a diverse range of learners.

Comprehensive Machine Learning Curriculum

The machine learning course at CSDT Centre Patna covers a wide array of topics. From the fundamentals of machine learning algorithms and statistical modeling to advanced concepts like deep learning and natural language processing, the curriculum is designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of machine learning.

Hands-On Projects for Practical Learning

Machine learning is best learned by doing, and CSDT Centre Patna integrates hands-on projects into its curriculum. Students have the opportunity to work on real-world machine learning problems, applying algorithms to datasets and gaining practical experience that goes beyond theoretical understanding.

Industry-Experienced Instructors

In the realm of machine learning, having instructors with industry experience is invaluable. CSDT Centre Patna boasts a team of industry-experienced instructors who bring a wealth of practical insights into the classroom. Learners benefit from real-world examples, case studies, and guidance from professionals actively working in the field.

Flexibility in Learning Formats

Recognizing the diverse needs of learners, CSDT Centre Patna provides flexibility in learning formats. Whether you prefer the convenience of online classes or the interactive nature of in-person sessions, the center ensures that the course is accessible to all.

State-of-the-Art Resources and Tools

Effective machine learning education requires access to the right resources and tools. CSDT Centre Patna provides students with state-of-the-art software, development environments, and platforms to ensure a comprehensive and up-to-date learning experience.

Job Placement Assistance

Completing a machine learning course at CSDT Centre Patna not only enhances your skills but also opens doors to potential career opportunities. The center provides job placement assistance, connecting learners with businesses seeking skilled machine learning professionals.

Recognized Certification

Upon successful completion of the course, students receive a recognized certification from CSDT Centre Patna. This certification is a testament to the skills acquired during the program, adding credibility to your profile and increasing your market value.

Staying Current with Machine Learning Trends

Machine learning is a rapidly evolving field, and CSDT Centre Patna ensures that its course stays abreast of the latest trends. From emerging algorithms to applications in AI research, the course is designed to prepare students for the ever-changing landscape of machine learning.

Tips for Success in Machine Learning Courses

Success in machine learning courses at CSDT Centre Patna involves a combination of dedication and strategic planning. Actively engage in hands-on projects, seek feedback from instructors, collaborate with peers, and stay updated on industry trends to maximize your learning experience.


Enrolling in a machine learning course at CSDT Centre Patna is not just an educational choice; it's a commitment to becoming a proficient and sought-after machine learning professional. The comprehensive curriculum, practical projects, and industry-focused approach ensure that you are well-prepared to meet the demands of the evolving world of artificial intelligence.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Who is the machine learning course at CSDT Centre Patna suitable for?

    • The course is suitable for individuals of all skill levels, from beginners interested in AI to experienced professionals looking to enhance their machine learning skills.
  2. What programming languages are used in the machine learning course?

    • The course utilizes languages commonly used in machine learning, including Python and R, ensuring that learners are familiar with industry-standard tools.
  3. Can I enroll in the machine learning course without a background in programming or statistics?

    • Yes, the course is designed to cater to individuals from diverse backgrounds, with or without a programming or statistics foundation.
  4. Are there opportunities for practical application of machine learning skills?

    • Absolutely! The course includes hands-on projects that allow students to apply their machine learning skills to real-world scenarios.
  5. How long does it take to complete the machine learning course at CSDT Centre Patna?

    • The duration varies based on the course, but with dedication, many learners complete programs within a few months.

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