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Career in development


Career in development

career in development

career in development is something that the majority of people would like to have. With a good hand of technical knowledge, coding skills, programming languages, etc., one can even try to do their best to thrive in the market.

However, there has been an increase in demand in the development sector with a shortage of talent that is making companies go for large salaries. Hence, it is a go-to-career choice for IT students if they have a good understanding of technologies, frameworks, and languages.

To help beginners, here is a brief guide to opting for a career in development.

Major Job Roles
The first and foremost thing that a beginner should be aware of is the job roles in the development sector.

Full-stack developer - This job role consists of backend and frontend development. Hence, the developer must have a deep knowledge of both the aspects and specialisation in key skills.

Mobile developer - This includes developing Android and iOS mobile applications using Swift, 
Java, and Objective-C.

Front-end developer - It includes the graphical interface of the website through which users can interact and develop using JavaScript, CSS, HTML, etc.
Back-end developers - It includes the interactivity and functionality of the website developed using PHP, Ruby, Python, and Java.

Increase in demand for developers
With digital transformation as a key factor, the business world is facing a sudden increase in the development world. In recent years, the demand for developers has increased that can bring applications and digital projects to life. It is predicted that by 2029, the job opportunities for developers will increase by 22%.

Major programming languages
To be a great developer, one must be aware of the programming language that can help them grow. There are several programming language that are growing with time such as:

Java - Millions and billions of devices around the globe are developed using Java. it is one of the languages that is preferred by more than 90% of the Fortune 500 companies. JavaScript - Another programming language that is used by the developers are JavaScript that has several frameworks including AngularJS and React. Python - It is the programming language that is used for machine learning, data mining, and scientific computing. According to the TIOBE Index, it is the third most popular programming language.

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