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What is website development technologies?


What is website development technologies?

Web Programming Introduction 

What is Web Development:

Web development is a broad term for any activity related to developing a web site for the World Wide Web or the Intranet.

Usually refers to the non-design aspects of building a website: writing markup and coding.

It ranges from creation of a simple static html page to the most complex web-based internet application or social network service

Why do we need Web Programming in this course:

It is one of the choices for building applications around DBMS (the front end).

Many database applications require easy access to serve the public.

Web Programming can be divided in two sides:

  1. Client Side programming
  2. Server Side Programming

Introduction of Client Side Programming

Code that runs on the client’s browser is called Client side programming(HTML5,CSS3,JAVAScript, Jquery, etc).

HTML : Basic building block for creating web pages.

  1. stands for HyperText Markup Language.
  2. predominant markup language for web pages.
  3. Written in the form of HTML elements consisting of "tags” surrounded by angle brackets within the web page content

CSS: IT is used to describe look and layout of web pages.

CSS (Cascading Style Sheets ) is a language that is used in describe the presentation semantics like, the look and formatting of a document written in a markup language that is known as style sheet.
A style sheet is made up of style rules that tell a browser how to present a document

Javascript: It is client side scripting language.Javascript provides programming tools for designing web pages.

  1. Javascript is a client side programming tool.
  2. often implemented as part of a web browser in order to provide enhanced user interfaces and dynamic websites.
  3. It’s typically used to enable programmatic access to computational objects within a host environment.
JavaScript is an interpreted language (means that scripts execute without preliminary compilation)
JavaScript was designed to add interactivity to HTML pages 

JQuery : Javascript library

jQuery is a fast and concise JavaScript Library created by John Resig in 2006 with a nicemotto: Write less, do more. jQuery simplifiesHTML document traversing, event handling, animating, and Ajax interactions for rapid web development. 
jQuery is a JavaScript toolkit designed to simplify various tasks by writing less code. 


AJAX = Asynchronous JavaScript and XML.AJAX is not a new programming language, but a new way to use existing standards. AJAX is the art of exchanging data with a server, and updating parts of a web page - without reloading the whole page.

Introduction of Server Side Programming

Server Side Coding: Code that runs on the server side(Server may be local or online).


General-purpose server-side scripting language
It is open source, server-side, HTML embedded scripting language used to create dynamic Web pages. 
  1. PHP files can contain text, HTML tags and scripts. 
  2. PHP files are returned to the browser as plain HTML.
  3. PHP files have file extension of ".php", ".php3".
  4. A PHP file normally contains HTML tags, just like an HTML file, and some PHP scripting code.

Other Architectures


They follow pretty similar architecture


Server side scripting technology that enables scripts (embedded in web pages) to be executed by an Internet server.
Normally used together with SQLServer (MS proprietary)


Roughly, allows Java code and certain pre-defined actions to be combined with static web markup content.
The resulting page is compiled and executed on the server-side to deliver an HTML or XML document.
Since it’s Java, JSP is Orcale proprietary.
.NET Framework
Java Technology 
Web Designing
Popular Languages
 Python Training

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