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About AI

We are leading AI Course Training institute in Patna, Bihar, India. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the next big thing in the technology field and a large number of organizations are already implementing AI and the demand for professionals in AI is growing at an amazing speed. Artificial Intelligence (AI) course with CSDT will provide you with a wide understanding of the concepts of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to make computer programs to solve problems and achieve goals in the world.Artificial Intelligence Courses make you a master in machine learning, programming languages and deep learning. An introductory course in AI will give you a complete overview of data needed for AI research and development.

What Is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) makes computers to perform tasks such as speech recognition, decision-making and visual perception which normally requires human intelligence that aims to develop intelligent machines.The basic grounding in the CSDT’ spractices in AI is likely to become valuable in the field of business and profession. This course is intended to cover the concepts of Artificial Intelligence from the basics to advanced implementation.

What Are The Course Objectives?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is becoming smarter day by day in all business functions to elevate performances. AI is used widely in gaming, media, finance, robotics, quantum science, autonomous vehicles, and medical diagnosis AI technology is a crucial prerequisite in much of the digital transformation taking place today as organizations position themselves to capitalize on the ever-growing amount of data being generated and collected. To build a successful career in Artificial Intelligence (AI), this course is intended to give a complete understanding of Artificial Intelligence concepts. This course enables you to get practical, hands-on experience to ensure hassle-free execution of real-life projects. This AI course leverages world-class industry expertise in making you professional data science experts.

After the completion of the Artificial Intelligence course, an aspiring candidate can either take jobs as an AI Engineer, AI specialist, Robotics Engineer, Robotics Automation Engineer,Data Mining Analyst and AI manager. The average salary ranges from INR 5 - 10 Lakh.

What Skills Will You Learn?

  • ✔️Understand the basics of AI and how these technologies are re-defining the AI industry
  • ✔️Learn the key terminology used in AI space
  • ✔️Learn major applications of AI through use cases

Who Should Take This Course?

CSDT course on Artificial Intelligence (AI) gives you the basic knowledge of Artificial Intelligence. This course doesn’t need any programming skills and is best suited for

  • ✔️Management and Non-technical participants
  • ✔️Students who want to learn Artificial Intelligence
  • ✔️Newbies who are not familiar with AI or its implications

Artificial Intelligence Courses In CSDT: Syllabus

🔹Introduction to Python 🔹Basics of Python
🔹Introduction to Machine Learning 🔹Machine Learning Concepts
🔹Supervised Learning 🔹Unsupervised Learning
🔹Applied Statistics 🔹Ensemble Techniques
🔹Natural Language Processing 🔹Sentiment Analyzer
🔹Latent Sentiment Analyzer 🔹TensorFlow and Neural Network
🔹Object Detection 🔹Face Detection
🔹Reinforcement Learning 🔹CNN & RNN
🔹Motion Analysis and Object Tracking 🔹Parameter and Hyperparameter

Artificial Intelligence Courses : Jobs And Scope

🔸Job Profile
🔸Annual Salary
AI Specialist Their key role is to build or develop software and computers.Their work is to develop programs for computers to test hypotheses that work alike as the human mind. INR 7,30,000
Machine Learning Engineer They are computer programmers who possess strong software skills. INR 6,00,000
Robotics Engineer As the name suggests they are responsible for building and maintaining robots. INR 4,30,000
Business Intelligence Developer Their role is to plan or develop solutions for business and implement them in order to increase profitability. INR 5,00,000
Data Scientist Their key role is to analyze and access data in order to provide solutions for business problems. INR 4,90,000

Top Recruiters

🔸Amazon 🔸Accenture
🔸Wipro 🔸Infosys
🔸Microsoft 🔸Intel
🔸Universal Robots 🔸UBtech
🔸Facebook 🔸Google
🔸IBM 🔸Samsung
🔸Apple 🔸Adobe