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CSDT Centre Patna is a leading Robotics Training Institute in Patna. Robotics Training is fully based on IT industry for job purpose. CSDT patna offers an inclusive Robotics training in patna. The extensive practical training provided by Robotics training institute in patna equips live projects and simulations. Such detailed Robotics course has helped our students secure job in various MNCs. The trainers at CSDT patna are subject specialist corporate professionals providing in-depth study in Robotics course in patna. Participants completing the Robotics certification have plethora of job opportunities in the industry.

Further, we have kept the Robotics course in patna duration flexible. From online classroom to fast-track & one-to-one classroom Robotics training is provided during weekdays and weekends to the attendees. Our modern lab is equipped with latest technologies helping students avail a successful Robotics training and certification from the institute.

CSDT patna, recognized among the top Robotics training institute in patna, has training module for beginners, intermediates, and experts. Whether you are a college student, I.T professional or a project manager; the best Robotics training institute in patna offers best training environment, veteran Robotics trainers, and flexible training schedules for entire modules. Also, the best training institute for Robotics training in patna asks for a value to money fee from the students. The pocket-friendly Robotics course fee structure can be afford by students coming from all walks of life.

After Robotics course in patna, learning the interview skills indeed becomes mandatory. Along with Robotics classes in patna, we have sessions for personality development, spoken English, and presentation. At our Robotics training centre in patna, Placement team schedules recruitment drives where the technology-driven branded companies hand-pick our students. Robotics training in patna with placement assistance is the key feature which rated us 'star five' in the reviews by our aspirants. Reviews and honest feedback is mentioned on our official website. CSDT patna is one of the best Robotics training centres in patna delivering out-of-box thinking professionals to the industry.

CSDT patna has a modern lab equipped with latest devices that facilitate participants in having a thorough hands-on experience through live projects. Such training in patna boost the confidence level in participants to face the real-time challenges successfully in a job. The Robotics syllabus includes for Robotics course module on real time projects along with placement assistance. Robotics topics covered are Introduction to Robotics, Robotics Architecture, Present and future scope of robotics, Introduction to Motors, Motor controlling using driver ICs, Basic components of Embedded System, Hardware Classification of Embedded System & Many more. Check the duration, course content and syllabus given below.


Do you ever think of the influence of mechatronics in our daily life. Its huge. India is witnessing many major developments in the field of science and technology, especially for the last few years. And this development is expected to grow at a faster pace in the coming years. These developments or inventions make our life simpler and comfortable.

A robot is a machine resembling a human being, which can handle complex series of actions automatically. It is an autonomous machine and is programmable by a computer. Different types of robots are there. The major distinction is between fixed robots and mobile robots. In the case of a fixed robot, mobilization is restricted and is common works as industrial robots in well-defined environments. Whereas, a mobile robot can move around and perform difficult tasks in large uncertain environments. Nowadays robots are widely used in the various field from domestic works to military needs. Robots can be broadly classified based on their application like industrial robots, medical robots, domestic robots, space robots, entertainment robots, service robots, etc.

Robotics is a great attraction in the field of science and technology and of course, it is a promising career choice available. Every day there are some inventions in the sector. Nowadays robots are a key part of most manufacturing companies and other organizations.

Robotics Course Fee and Duration

Track Regular Track Weekend Track Fast Track
Course Duration 45 - 60 Days 8 Weekends 5 Days
Hours 2 hours a day 3 hours a day 6+ hours a day
Training Mode Live Classroom Live Classroom Live Classroomr

Course Content and Syllabus for Robotics Training in patna

Robotics Course Contents

✔️Present and future scope of robotics
✔️Types of robots
✔️Application of robotics




✔️Introduction to Motors
✔️AC motor
✔️DC motor
✔️Stepper motor
✔️Servo motor
✔️DC geared motor


✔️ Introduction to Sensing Devices
✔️IR sensor
✔️Light searching sensor
✔️Temperature sensor
✔️Touch sensor
✔️Motion sensor


✔️Motor controlling using driver ICs
✔️LM358(dual op- amp)
✔️LM35(Temperature sensor)
✔️L293D(dual H-bridge IC
✔️7805(Voltage regulator)


✔️History & need of Embedded System
✔️Basic components of Embedded System
✔️Hardware Classification of Embedded System
✔️Programming Language Classification of Embedded System
✔️Advantage & Disadvantage of Low level & High level programming language of Embedded System


✔️Difference between Microprocessor & Microcontroller
✔️Classification based on architecture
✔️Classification based on Instruction Set
✔️Type of Microcontroller
✔️Memory Classification


✔️Classification of Von-Neumann and Harvard Architecture
✔️Difference between RISC and CISC
✔️Memory Classification (Primary & Secondary)


✔️Low Level Languages
✔️Middle Level Language
✔️High Level Language
✔️Interaction of language with Compilers




✔️Why C
✔️Benefits of C over Assembly
✔️Constants, Variables & Data Types
✔️Keywords & Identifiers
✔️Data type & its memory representation
✔️User Defined Data type (structure)


✔️Arithmetical Operator
✔️Logical Operator
✔️Bitwise Operators

Control Statement and Loops

✔️Do While
✔️Introduction to Preprocessor Directives
✔️Assembly within C (Inline Assembly)




✔️To move data on LCD in 8-bit
✔️To move data on LCD in 4-bit
✔️To display data on both rows in 4 and 8-bit Mode
✔️Scrolling message display on LCD in 4 and 8 bits Mode.


✔️Introduction to Switches & Keyboard Matrix
✔️Interfacing Circuit of Switches & Keyboard Matrix
✔️Programming of Keyboard Matrix & Switches
✔️Controlling of LED’s by using Switches
✔️Key board Matrix & LCD Interfacing Program


✔️ Timer0/Timer1/Timer2 Programming
✔️PWM using Timers


✔️Timer Interrupts Programming
✔️External Hardware Interrupts Programming
✔️Interrupt Priority


✔️Interfacing with PC using UART/RS232
✔️Interfacing with PC using UART/RS232 with Interrupts


✔️To display digital data on LED
✔️To display digital data on LCD


✔️IR Sensor Interfacing
✔️Temperature Sensor Interfacing


✔️I2C protocol
✔️SPI Protocol

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  • 🔹We provide the best Robotics training in PATNA covering entire course modules during the Robotics classes. Also, students avail Robotics course in patna with placement assistance.
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  • 🔹Our training classrooms are equipped with modern I.T infrastructure such as projectors, live racks, Wi-Fi, and digital pads.
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  • 🔹We also organize no cost personality development and presentation seminars.
  • 🔹Our course material includes books, and soft copies of tutorials in the form of PDFs, sample papers, technical and HR interview questions, and projects available on our website.
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  • 🔹Our certificates are globally recognized provided after completion of course.
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  • 🔹To enhance knowledge of the students, the complex technical concepts are imparted through easy coaching.
  • 🔹We accept master and visa cards (Debit & Credit), also payment mode cash, cheque, and Net Banking available.