💠Programming Language Course Details:-

We Provide Following Programming Courses📚

S.No. Course Name Course Description Duration Fees
1. Full Stack Dot NET Based Training Full Stack .NET Training
Front End:- HTML, CSS, JavaScript, AngularJS, Bootstrap.
Back End:- ASP.NET, C#.NET,ADO .NET, MS SQL Server 2012, Web Services, .Net Core, ASP.NET MVC.
Other Skill:- Web API(Restful Services),GIT, Agile
4/6 Months Rs 45,000/-
Rs 25,000/-
2. Full Stack JAVA based IT Training Full Stack Java Training
Front End:- HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap
Back End:- Java, Servlet, JSP(Java Server Page) Language - Advance Java,JDBC
Database Server: Mysql
Java framework: Spring MVC, Spring Boot, Hibernet
Other Tools: Rest API, MicroServices,GitHub, Agile process mode.
4/6 Months Rs 41,000/-
Rs 21,000/-
3. Full Stack PHP Based Web Development Training Full Stack Web Development Training
Front End:- HTML,CSS,JavaScript, ReactJS, JQuery,AJAX,Bootstrap.
Back End:-PHP,MySQL Database,Laravel Framework
Other: Rest API, JSON,GIT and Agile.
4/6 Months Rs 35,000/-
Rs 18,500/-
4. Full Stack Python Development Training Python Full Stack Training
Front End:- HTML,CSS,JavaScript,Bootstrap, React
Back End:-Python, Django Framework, MySQL or MongoDB or PostgreSQL.
Other Tool: GIT, Agile, Rest API
4/6 Months Rs 30,000/-
Rs 15,500/-
5. Diploma in Software Engineering(DSE) Job Oriented Training for final year or pass out IT Students 6 Months Rs 45,000/-
6. Advance Diploma in Software Engineering(ADSE) Job Oriented Training for any stream Students 12 Months Rs 65,000/-
7. Diploma in Hardware Networking Job Oriented Training for any stream Students 6 Months Rs 35,000/-
8. Programming Languages Package C, C++, JAVA, Python and SQL 90 days Rs 18,500/-
9. Web Designing Training Web Design:- HTML5, CSS3, JAVASCRIPT, JQUERY, AJAX, Bootstrap, Live Project 90 days Rs 7,500/-
10. Core Java Programming Language:- Core JAVA 45 days Rs 6,500/-
11. Core Java With Live Project Front-end :- For Programming : Core JAVA, For GUI : SWING
Back-end :- For Database Connectivity : JDBC, Database : Oracle(SQL) or JAVA DB
60 days Rs 7,500/-
12. Advance Java With Live Project Training Server Side Programming :- Servlet, JSP(Java Server Page)
Back-end :- For Database Connectivity : JDBC, Database : MYSQL
65 days Rs 8,500/-
13. Java With Android Training Programming Language: Core Java
Mobile Application:- Android, SQLite – Database Usage, 1 Live Project
65 days Rs 12,500/-
14. Android App Development Training Mobile Application:- Android, SQLite – Database Usage, 1 Live Project 45 days Rs 8,500/-
15. C#(C Sharp) .NET Programming Language:- C# .NET 45 days Rs 6,500/-
16. C# .NET With Live Project Front-end :- For Programming : C# .NET
Back-end :- For Database Connectivity : ADO .NET, Database : MSQL Server
Reporting :- Crystal Report
60 days Rs 7,500/-
17. ASP .NET With Live Project Training Server Side Programming :- ASP .NET
Back-end :- For Database Connectivity : ADO .NET, Database : MSSQL Server
65 days Rs 8,500/-
18. React js Training 1 Live Project 45 days Rs 7,500/-
19. PHP training 1 live Project 30 days Rs 7,500/-
20. Core Python and Advance Python training Core Python, Advance Python 45 days Rs 6,500/-
21. Python With Live Project training Front End: Python Programming, Tkinter for GUI
Back End : SQLite, 1 Project
45 days Rs 7,500/-
22. Python Django framework training Python Framework: Django
Back End : Mysql, 1 Project
45 days Rs 8,500/-
23. Python With Machine Learning training Python Programming: Core and Advance Python
Machine Learning,and 1 Project
65 days Rs 10,500/-
24. Machine Learning training Machine Learning,and 1 Project 30 days Rs 8,500/-
25. C Program Programming Language:- C Programming Language 45 Days Rs 4,500/-
26. Data Structure Programming Language:- C With DS 60 days Rs 7,500/-
27. C++ Program Programming Language:- C++ (C Plus Plus Language) 30 days Rs 5,500/-
28. Java Framework Training Spring 4.3 or Spring Boot or Hibernet or Struts framework 30 days Rs 5,500/-
29. PHP Framework Training Symfony or Laravel or CodeIgniter or Zend or Wordpress 1 Month Rs 5,500/-
30. AngularJS, NodeJS Training AngularJS or NodeJs 1 Month Rs 7,500/-
31. SQL Server 2012 Training Database:- SQL, T-SQL, DBA Tools 3 Month Rs 12,500/-
32. Oracle Database Training Oracle Database:- SQL and PLSQL 35 days Rs 8,500/-
33. MySql Database MYSQL Database Training with live practices 35 days Rs 6,500/-
34. SQL SQL(Stucture Query Language) with Live practices 21 days Rs 4,500/-
35. Big Data Hadoop Big Data 1 Month Rs 7,500/-
36. Software Testing- Manual Manual Testing 1 Month Rs 7,500/-
37. Software Testing- Automation Automation Testing (Selenium) 45 days Rs 10,500/-
38. Cloud Computing Cloud Computing 1 Month Rs 7,500/-
39. IOT (Internet Of Things) Training Internet Of Things(IOT) 1 Month Rs 7,500/-
40. Ethical Hacking Training Ethical Hacking 1 Month Rs 7,500/-
41. Hardware Networking(CCNA) Training CCNA Training 1 Month Rs 7,500/-
42. Embedded System Embedded System 1 Month Rs 7,500/-
43. Robotics Robotics 45 days Rs 7,500/-
44. VLSI VHDL and PCB Design VLSI VHDL and PCB Design 1 Month Rs 7,500/-
45. AutoCad AutoCad Training 1 Month Rs 6,500/-
46. Digital Marketing Training Digital Marketing Training: PPC, SMO, SEM, Youtube Advertising, Email Marketing, Affliate Marketing 90 days Rs 15,500/-
47. BCA Coaching Class BCA Coaching Class for all universities 180 days Fee Per Year Rs 17,500/-
48. Flutter Beautiful native apps Development Training 60 days Rs 10,500/-
49. MATLAB MATLAB Language Rs 6,500/-
50. R Language R Programming Language Rs 6,500/-
Note:-1.Project Work is Compulsory after the Completion of training Program.

Unleashing the Power of Computer Programming Courses at CSDT Centre, Patna

In the dynamic realm of technology, acquiring proficient computer programming skills has become indispensable. As the digital landscape evolves, the demand for skilled programmers is soaring, making it crucial to choose the right learning environment. At CSDT Centre in Patna, we stand out as a beacon of excellence in the realm of computer programming courses. This article delves into the comprehensive offerings at CSDT Centre, illuminating why our courses are the epitome of excellence for aspiring programmers.

A Glimpse into the World of Computer Programming Courses

Why Choose CSDT Centre?

Embarking on a journey into the world of programming at CSDT Centre is a decision rooted in foresight and ambition. Our courses are meticulously crafted to cater to both beginners and seasoned programmers, ensuring a seamless learning experience. The curriculum is designed to align with industry trends, giving our students a competitive edge in the job market.